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IMCA Modifieds

Extreme Techologies is very excited about?our new?partnership with IMCA for the coming year 2010. Extreme Techologeies square oval is recommended by IMCA for those race tracks that have dB rules of 97 db or lower. Check out the IMCA mufflers on our VRA/IMCA Modifieds page. !!!!!

2010 Rule 16. EXHAUST: Round tube headers only. All primary header tubes must enter directly into one collector at same point at end of header. Schoenfeld mufflers, stamped IMCA609, must be used if track has noise reduction rule of 98 d.b. or more. Extreme Muffler part # 1014-3030, or part # 1114-3535, are recommended for tracks that require noise reduction of 97 d.b. or less. All exhaust must go through mufflers, two per car, one per header. No merge collectors. No exhaust sensors.